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Café Society Orchestra

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The Café Society Orchestra is a hot ensemble, based in Sydney, Australia, that recreate with great panache the great hotel and nightclub orchestras of the 1930's. Using in many cases the actual band parts that were used in those days, they play to enthusiastic crowds whether it be at a concert or to fellow travelers "Cutting a Rug" at a high society function. Unique in style and pizzazz they are the Crème de la crème of art deco musical artistry. …

The critics rave about:

" … Sheer panache … a jewel in Sydney's musical culture."
Sydney Morning Herald

"In the USA you would expect to pay $150 at the door to hear anything as good as this if you can find it mostly you can't!"
Sallie McIntyre San Francisco Jazz Critic

"As for entertainment the Café Society Orchestra led by Geoffrey Ogden Browne was in a class of its own. Ogden's wit and vocals, the ensemble playing and a succession of fine solo's made this group the 'sleeper' of the festival"
Kevin Jones The Austalian 1995 Many Jazz Festival

"The Café Society Orchestra is about genuine recreation…restores the smile that seems to have been wiped off our collective faces."
Sydney Morning Herald

"Some of the finest, polished jazzmen this country has produced playing together…"
Rick Collins The Courier

"Lends the right period feel and swings in sprightly fashion"
Adrian Jackson The Age

"A truly wonderful evening. They have all the ingredients to satisfy jazz lovers…of the highest caliber they surprise, delight, entertain and create a warm happy feeling"
Jill Morris - Jazz Action

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