Caribbean Soul

Caribbean Soul is the intriguing sounds of the steel drum, sweet reggae music, the happy beats of calypso, soca and all the sensual dance moves of the Caribbean Islands. From soft mood music emanating from the steel pan, well known island songs and laid back melodies for the quiet moments to full on dance music (pump up the volume!), Caribbean Soul will have everyone dancing to reggae hits from the charts, original music and hot calypso and soca music. How you feeling? Hot, Hot, Hot!

Caribbean Soul's show will dazzle any audience with sexy carnival style costumes, exotic dances, culture and the lowest limbo dance in the whole world. Yeah man! Audiences will participate in conga lines, limbo competitions and hip swaying dance movements that will turn everyone on.

Errol H. Renaud has taken the culture of the Caribbean to over twenty different countries; the Caribbean, Australia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and Japan. The last tour was in Cairo, Egypt last year (2001). Caribbean Soul is a versatile 4 to 7 piece band.

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