the catholicsthe catholics

From the CD - Life on Earth  

Their leader, composer and bassist, Lloyd Swanton, is well known throughout Australia for his work on over 40 albums for artists including The Necks, Vince Jones, Wendy Matthews, Bernie McGann, Clarion Fracture Zone and Stephen Cummings. With The catholics he has assembled some of the best musicians in Australia from a wide spectrum of musical backgrounds to produce one of the freshest-sounding new acts in a long time. Throughout Swanton's beautifully crafted and instantly accessible pieces runs a strong, seductive dance strain found in the band's various African, Caribbean, Latin and Eastern influences. This 7-piece ensemble is one of Australia's most popular jazz acts and has performed across the nation to great response. The catholics are making big waves outside of their home country too.

Their debut album was released in early 1993 in the USA and Canada by Terra Nova Records to critical acclaim. 1994 saw them embarking on a sensational 8-city coast-to-coast tour of Canada where they were received ecstatically by audiences at all the major jazz festivals. The group toured Canada again and Europe, in June/July 1995, to further acclaim. In 1996 they performed in Thailand as part of the King of Thailand's Silver Jubilee celebrations.

The catholics' second album, "Simple" was released in Australia on Rufus Records, in North America by Terra Nova Records, and recently in Europe by LAIKA Records. Their third album "Life on Earth" was released in March 1997 and has just been nominated for Best Jazz Album at the ARIA Awards. By taking the vibrancy of pop music, with it's catchy tunes and dance orientation, and combining it with indisputably authoritative jazz blowing, the catholics are creating a rare thing indeed - a sound with an instant appeal, physical excitement, passion, and critical credibility.

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