In 1975 Jim and Mick Kenny formed Crossfire, Australia's most successful jazz-rock fusion band. Crossfire toured extensively and cut seven Albums, including a live album with American singer Michael Franks and Australia's first direct-to-disc LP. In 1990 Jim moved to Lismore where he took up the position of Head of Guitar Studies at Southern Cross University. He has released five solo Albums and has written a guitar instruction book, The Dominant Seventh Chord and Then the Blues . As well as being a guest clinician at teaching institutions throughout Australia, Jim remains a popular performer at major jazz venues and festivals. Now renowned jazz guitarist Jim Kelly presents the new Crossfire with four of it's original members... Jim - electric guitar, Tony Buchanan - saxes, Ian Bloxsom - percussion and Greg Lyon - electric bass. The new additions to the outfit are keyboardist Steve Russell and drummer Scott Hills.

"Crossfire was not just Australia's leading fusion band, it represented a sense of adventure at a time when most of the music scene was staid and derivitive. The new Crossfire introduces such a continent of new textures as to show how much broader the band's palette can be. Welcome back Crossfire!" John Shand, SMH

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