Eddie Bronson

Eddie Bronson

Eddie Bronson has been a professional musician since the age of 16. Eddie played, toured and recorded with Moscow’s top jazz musicians.

Eddie Bronson moved to Israel where he performed and recorded the music of some Israel’s contemporary composers. Eddie Bronson was a founding member of Australia’s first spontaneously improvised music ensemble –“ Free Kata” with whom he recorded three albums. Than he went to United States were he played end studied with some of New York’s top improvising musicians.

Last 25 years since he came back to Australia, he established himself on a music scene as professional jazz musician and continuing his performing career.

Last 8 years Eddie was performing with triple Aria award winner group “Monsieur Camembert”.

Edward Bronson is multi-instrumentalist, playing flute, clarinet, saxophone, accordion and euphonium.

At the present time Edward is performing and teaching.


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