Erana Clark

Erana Clark

One way or another, Erana Clark's had lots to do with Royalty. As a 12-year-old she was a pop star, with weekly appearances on the TV show Happen Inn. At 14 she sang in a Royal Command performance at the Christchurch Town Hall (New Zealand), backed by a 70 piece orchestra. And, for a time in the 70s, Erana was right in the spotlight, a household name with the likes of Dinah Lee and Alison Durbin. Phil Warren, long-time Auckland pop impresario, remembers her as "a tiny bundle of joy, very bouncy, a first rate vocalist who was very much in demand. She was a tremendous entertainer and performer, more than just a singer. She could work an audience."

Before moving from New Zealand she'd been to a Michael Franks concert, an American light-jazz singer and his Australian band Crossfire. She was transfixed. "I'd become very serious about singing by then. I started to listen to jazz and the jazz fusion sound. That's where Crossfire was working. When I heard them I said to myself that if I ever got to Sydney that's the band I was going to work with."

Not long after she had begun singing in the jazz club, a couple of the Crossfire musicians walked in. They listened - and asked Erana to join them.

"They were the major session musicians in Sydney, and they were doing the best gigs in town, including TV." What's more, Barry Leef, who had belonged to the top Kiwi group Simple Image, was in the band. With Crossfire, Erana's career took off. Nine years later, Erana and Barry married.

Erana Clark is one of the most successful and sought after singers and vocal coaches in Australia and New Zealand.

Erana appeared on numerous television shows and achieved a top 10 single on the New Zealand. Erana is considered by many to be a “legend” of the New Zealand music industry and is highly regarded in Australia for her divine and sometimes haunting voice, her ability to mould and evoke emotion from some of Australia’s brightest new stars as well as her ongoing contribution to charities in Australia.


Today, Erana is probably best known to most, as the vocal coach and vocal arranger on Australian Idol, seen weekly on our televisions, guiding Australia’s newest talent. Erana’s powerful voice and vast experience has led to numerous awards and tours of Asia, Europe and the United States of America. She has sung with the likes of Thelma Houston, Dionne Warwick, The Supremes, Jermaine Jackson, Midnight Oil, Renee Geyer, Kate Cebrano, Marcia Hines and INXS to name a few, as well as coaching artists for major record labels in Asia and America.

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