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With You
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Peaceful Lives

EUROGLIDERS are Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch and they proudly announce the release of their 6th CD together, the self titled 'EUROGLIDERS'.

EUROGLIDERS hail from the city of Perth , Western Australia , an odd mix of sun, sand and red brick that leaves you relaxed, very relaxed. "It's a place so far away from the rest of the world," Bernie says "that it's sometimes hard to relate to the basic concept of being Australian. You are 'Western Australian' and that's it!"

" Perth allows you to be different, perhaps encourages it. You grow up not being influenced by too many other artists as mostly they don't tour's just too damn far away. You write what you want to write and you perform it in your own style as there is no-one around to tell you or show you otherwise."

Grace Knight was born in the UK . Imagine being fed to the swans by your siblings at a young age, hanging around with a very doubtful crowd in your teens, enrolling to be a policewoman and then subsequently running away from home to work in a holiday camp........mix them all together and you are left with fertile ground for a career in music. There were other influences in Grace's life though, her father being an opera singer and her grandfather a recording artist.

A chance meeting with a singer at the holiday camp lead to work at folk clubs and talent quests, most of which were won. Having already worked on a cruise ship docked in Dubai , Grace decided music was a great way to travel and a good way to catch up with her sister who lived in Western Australia . After a six week cruise on a Woman's Weekly tour, Grace found herself in Fremantle , Western Australia . She jumped ship and eventually managed to get a visa to stay.

Bernie Lynch was born in Perth to a musical family, a mother who played piano, a father who sang and six other siblings who rattled forks, pans and the odd bongo. From a choirboy to a young folkie was an easy step for Bernie. "I learnt guitar listening to old Elvis 45's passed down to me by my aunt" Bernie says "but quickly moved on to playing along with Australian folk artists like Margaret Roadknight and Mike McClellen. In many ways, they were my mentors and I learnt to write from them. The step to Joni and Joan Baez was an easy one after that."

University to get a degree in social work stood in the way of a career in music for a brief moment but ,even here, Bernie was playing in bands and performing his own songs. From jug bands to funk to 'Elvis Costello' style pop bands, the early seeds for EUROGLIDERS were sown in eclecticism and a far and ranging desire to succeed as a songwriter.

Whilst writing and singing in a band called 'Living Single', Grace and Bernie met and it wasn't long before Grace was the lead singer of a band shortly to change it's name and become EUROGLIDERS. EUROGLIDERS recorded their first album in the Philipines, the second in England and the next two in Australia and have achieved ten Top Ten hits, including 'Heaven' and 'We Will Together'. EUROGLIDERS have performed extensively in Australia , The United States, England , Japan and Canada and have been awarded many accolades including best single of the year and a silver award for best video on MTV America.

After a long break, during which Grace and Bernie explored differing artistic directions, Eurogliders have recorded a 6th album of all new and original songs. The 'holiday from Eurogliders', as this period became known, saw Grace delve into the world of jazz, a style of music that fitted her like a glove. She is widely recognised as one of Australia's most successful jazz singers, having sold over a million CD's and won numerous ARIA awards. Bernie, Euroglider's songwriter, became heavily involved in the world of theatre and soundtrack composition and has won several national awards in this area, including a Green Room award for Best Theatre piece.

For the self titled 'EUROGLIDERS' sessions, Grace and Bernie recorded much of the music in the rural hinterland of Byron Bay . Lynch says "To walk out of the studio in Byron and see kangaroos and echidnas graze in fields around was amazing. It is quite sobering and perhaps surreal to be singing a song about homelessness one moment and in the next, see life casually continue as it has for thousands of years."

'EUROGLIDERS' is a 12-song collection that encompasses the sublime rich pop of songs such as "Hummingbird", "It's So Amazing" and "Crystal Chandelier", the driving country soul of "Little Star" and the wistful ballad "With You". Intentionally, the collection concludes with "Peaceful Lives", a song that weaves the needs and warmth of family in these times of war, unrest and seeming chaos.

This CD will be followed by another already recorded EUROGLIDERS album titled 'Blue Kiss', scheduled for a mid 2006 release.

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