Floyd Vincent & the ChildbridesFloyd Vincent
& the Childbrides

From the CD " Last Exist Motel"

Floyd Vincent: from the age of ten when he first picked up the classical guitar through to his first professional band at the age of fourteen and up to the present his immersion in the world of music and performance has been total. Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides cover an enormous amount of musical and physical territory. They are one of Australia's hardest working live acts regularly touring both in Australia and in Europe ...

They are currently promoting their latest album, their debut for Grudge/Universal, "Last Exit Motel" which has been receiving great reviews around the nation. Produced at Tim Finn's Periscope Studio in Melbourne by Floyd and Simon Polinski with the help of David Bridie, the album captures the energy, passion and character of Floyd's songs. His Band The Childbrides -featuring Bill Jacobi on bass, Lindsay Page on keyboards and trombone, and Joe Giuseppe on Accaria drums and percussion- are a formidable combination with a wealth of experience between them. They began to play together in early 1996, and besides recording the "Last Exit Motel" album they have toured Australia extensively and Europe twice. Floyd first formed the Childbrides in December 1988 after winning the Australian Music Video Festival Award for the best music video. He immediately went travelling overseas in search of inspiration and contacts. A pilgrimage to the birthplace of Salvador Dali and a long standing love of Spanish culture led him to Europe and the exotic rhythms of the Flamenco guitarists.

After travelling Europe and then New York Floyd ended up in Los Angeles where he met Frank Zappa. Introduced by a mutual friend, Floyd was inspired by Zappa's musical integrity, work ethic and "do it yourself" philosophy. Floyd's gypsy lifestyle has provided much of the inspiration for his latest album "Last Exit Motel". It is an amazingly diverse album, a journey with a vaguely cinematographic travel feel. Lyrically driven by real-life experience and fictional narratives it successfully combines Rock/Pop and World music in a unique and eclectic cocktail.

Just when you thought that Rock had exhausted all permutations Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides reinvent the genre into something new, brave and truly international. Recently Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides appeared live on JJJ, Ground Zero, Channel V and The Midday Show. The single "I Gave Myself to You" received high rotation on the national network JJJ for two months. Being one of the most entertaining bands around (even a table would dance to their music), Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides are constantly touring. The band is in the process of recording another album.

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