Gervais Koffi

Gervais Koffi

From the CD "Tchein vie" Song 1
From the CD "Tchein vie" Song 2
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Born in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, Gervais Koffi has taken his music throughout the world. After ten years playing with various groups in his home town, Abidjan, Gervais set out for South Africa in 1995 to play and record his own unique music drawing on the influences of sounds from Cairo to Cape Town, from Lagos to Lusaka.

Gervais recorded his first album, "Oba Oba", with Gallo Records. The album boasts a South African feel, not surprisingly given that almost 30 local musicians were involved in the project. Gervais promoted his album throughout the region, delivering a vibrant stage show playing residencies and festivals and sharing stages with the likes of Hugh Masekela.

After several years in South Africa, Gervais set out for Australia in 1998 to spread his music even farther a field. Since then he's been promoting the rhythms of the African Diaspora with his band Gervais Koffi and the African Diaspora. With this band, Gervais lays on a unique and meticulously arranged musical journey through the musical styles of West Africa and parts of the Caribbean. He's gathered together a young, diverse and very talented group of musicians to form the African Diaspora hailing from Indonesia, Japan, Mauritius, South Africa, Senegal and Australia.

Since March 1999, the band has performed at a range of venues in Sydney including the Harbourside Brasserie and the Basement. According to the Basement they are "easily the best Afro-roots show in town and they play a pretty awesome Latin set too". They've also packed in crowds at the Global Carnival in Bellingen in October 1999 and at the Australia Day celebrations at Darling Harbour in January 2000.

Gervais has recently returned from a world tour taking in South Africa, Germany and France and the United States, promoting his latest recoding project.

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