Graham Jesse

From the CD "Reflections"

It is likely that virtually every person living in Australia today would have heard Graham Jesse's sax or flute playing at some time without necessarily being aware of his name. He is quite simply one of Australia's busiest session musicians and has been heard on countless soundtracks, records, jingles and live performances.

Back in 1973 he majored in composition and topped the state of New South Wales (Higher School Certificate). He completed his jazz studies course at the NSW Conservatorium of Music (Sydney) in 1974. 1982-1983 was spent largely in New York City where he studied with Dave Liebman, Eddie Daniels and at the Manhattan School of Music with Joe Allard (saxophone) and Ludmilla Uhehla (composition). He has considerable experience with composing and arranging music. He was staff arranger at TCN Channel 9 and has written and arranged many projects from jazz records to documentary and film scores and commissioned works such as a ballet project for the Sydney Dance Company.

A quick browse through his recording credits will give an idea of the scope of versatility and experience he has developed in his career to date. He has recorded with Kerrie Biddell, Steve Taylor Brown, Peter Cousens, Pamela Knowles, Grace Knight, Tommy Emmanuel, Marc Hunter, Ricky May, Daly Wilson Big Band, to name a few. In addition to this he also has toured with many big names in music both from Australia and abroad. These include Peter Allen, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Rick Price, Marcia Hines, Ricky May, the Sydney Dance Company, Shirley Bassey, Garth brooks, just to name a few. Also as a regular member of the Midday Show studio orchestra for over fifteen years he has performed with an amazing number of Australian and international acts.

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