Groove Diggers

From the CD "Dead Funky"

This six piece group has experience ranging from years of local bands, to bands with album releases in the UK. The repertoire has a distinct Australian R&B flavour with funky hits from the likes of The Mighty Reapers, The Truth, Tommy Emmanuel, The Badloves and DIG mixed in with some classics like James Brown, The Blues Brothers and Joe Cocker. The depth of musicianship enables diversity from four soloists including, wailing sax, howling guitar, funky keyborad and bluesey harp. Something for everybody.

You won't hear any three chord wonders, you wont hear any "message" songs trying to get you to use re-cycled whales or ban nuclear powered baby seals, you wont come away with punctured ear drums or compressed vertebrae after somebody stage dived on your head... but you will hear some of the funkiest R&B around. The sort a stuff you can get up and boogie to, or sit down and listen to with the feet tapping. Those responsible: Phil Laxton Saxophone, Vocals Graham Collyer Guitar David Welch Keyboards Ross Johnston Bass, Vocals Roger Tait Percusssion, Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals Pete Brand Drums.

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