Idea of North

From the CD "The Idea of North - The Sum of Us"

A cappella n. & adj. - (music) unaccompanied singing, the creation of music & song with nothing but the human voice
the idea of north n.- four piece vocal band - wide range of material, amazing singers and entertainers.

'When you can sing & entertain like the idea of north a band would just get in the way!" - James Morrison

As a world class act of International repute, the idea of north are undisputed masters of a musical style that continues to thrill audiences around the world wherever they perform. Just ask legendary Australian Jazz great James Morrison!

Whether a stadium of 95,000, a TV audience of millions or winning over some the toughest crowds in the world in the heart of Harlem's Soul, Blues and Dance clubs this is a group of musicians of rare quality. Michael Schumacher loved them at Australia's Formula 1 Grand Prix and US Rap legends Salt N Pepper went so far as to invite the group to entertain them at their own party in New York City! Such is the range of a fan base growing at a startling rate.

Now regarded by their peers as one of the best and most unique live musical acts in Australia, if not the world, they have reinvented A Cappella and taken it to new heights. The idea of north's stunning visual presence and incredible sound has built them a legion of adoring fans, both here and across Europe, Asia and the USA.

The group's self-titled debut CD has now sold in excess of 6000 copies and they have built a fan club of thousands through their residency at Sydney's superb Jazz & Blues venue The Basement - an always guaranteed 'full house' packed with the group's followers.

The idea of north is a stunning live act combining a blend of uniquely contemporary classics with original material. Thus at their own concerts and at corporate events audiences are treated to a show that includes stunning original arrangements of artists as varied as Sting, Stevie Wonder and The Bee Gees, together with an eclectic mix of jazz, soul, gospel and originals.

The idea of north has been shaping this new sound in music now for over seven years. It's a style grounded on the classic musicianship that these four friends crafted at one of Australia's premier music academies, The Canberra School of Music.

Their music is now pushing them way beyond the standard cabaret, jazz, big band and pop acts into the realms of new entertainment that is totally unique and truly special.

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