Jeff Duff Prophets

Walk on the Wild Side

Okay, so you couldn't get tickets to see Tom Jones or you didn't happen to be in Europe when Tour of Power toured. Maybe your name failed to register on the Ray Charles guest list. You forgot to book tickets for George Benson, Barry White or Elton John ... while closer to home perhaps you were too "out of it" to remember local heroes such as Moving Pictures, Air Supply, Australian Crawl, Kush or Renee Geyer? Well there's no need to worry any longer ... in what could possibly be the best and last of the authentic supergroups, eleven of Sydney's top musicians (many of whom have played with the aforementioned superstars) have joined forces, the result being an exciting and powerful horn-based combo in the tradition of Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Tower of Power.

The Prophets perform a hybrid of soul, funk, rock, jazz and blues, utilising the dynamic 5-piece horn section which is led by master trombone player Herbie Cannon. Earlier this year Herbie, Andy and Jeff decided to form their ultimate band, a band that would incorporate the best elements of the many combinations they have worked with. Together they form the nucleus of the Prophets. The rhythm section is the hottest, tightest and most inventive unit playing the circuit, and lays down the meanest grooves in town. As well as their original tunes and arrangements, the Prophets draw on an electric mix of material from Brecker Bros, Tom Jones, Chicago, Lenny Kravitz, and even horn-powered arrangements of Led Zeppelin classics. The Prophets boast an amazing array of talent and experience in their ranks, combining together to produce one of the most exciting live shows in Australia. The line-up reads like a Who's Who from the cream of Australian musicians. Fronting the band on vocals is Jeff Duff who, after spending a decade living and performing in London, and recently releasing his 10th album, has decided to surround himself with like-minded musicians who share the same musical aspirations.

The very flamboyant Jeff started his career as a teenager with Kush, which had a similar line-up to the Prophets. Members of the horn section (comprising Herbie Cannon, Bob Coassin, John Fielding, Andy Thompson and Tim Oram) have between them played with the biggest names on the planet (refer to names mentioned). Herbie Cannon, who has written arrangements for many top Australian recording artists, does most of the arranging, and along with Jeff writes most of the original compositions. All members of the Prophets are currently involved in writing and arranging for the group's debut CD.

The rhythm section features Rex Goh on guitar, who was a former member of Air Supply and who now tours with Tommy Emmanuel. Chris Soulos, bass player, has worked with Jermaine Jackson, Andrew Oh, and is a member of Espirito. Bill Risby on keyboards works with Carl Orr and Bobby Shew (an American trumpeter). Bill currently has two CDs of his own on release. Mitch Farmer has also played drums for Tommy Emmanuel, Rick Price, Dragon and Renee Geyer. Tony Azzopardi on percussion works with Richard Clapton, Doug Parkinson, Marcia Hines and Andrew Oh. Further name artists and musicians members of the Prophets have worked with include Bryan Ferry, Johnny Winter, Elton John, Jimmy Barnes, Cold Chisel, Diesel, Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac), Meatloaf, Grace Knight, Dire Straits, Ray Parker Jr, Eddie Money and Steve Sills ... so if for some strange reason you've not yet experiened either the Prophets as a band or as individual musicians playing with some of the superstars of international music, come and hear the greatest combination of talent in one band - Jeff Duff and the Prophets.

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