Jive Bombers

From the CD "Swing that Cat"

The first words you`ll hear on the new Jive Bombers album "Swing That Cat" are a call to Sydney`s flourishing dance scene: swing is king, jive is alive... and the cha cha is back. But get this - five of the fourteen tracks - J.B.Boogie, Jungle Jive, Big Brass Bed, Millennium Bug and the title song - are originals. And the album showcases the talents of an exciting young singer, Nikki Doll. Are you hep to jive?

The Scene The Jive Bombers' lineup spans two generations and its audience, three or more. What holds the band together is an appreciation of swing, R&B and Latin dance-band classics.

What unites its audience is a love of dancing. In the 90s, swing and Latin have been the fastest growing segments of popular music it the USA and Europe, while Australia`s dance schools are experiencing a boom. When the Jive Bombers formed 14 years ago, the scene wasn`t quite ready for a repertoire that ranged through more than half a century of popular music: from the big band era to 60s soul; from the hucklebuck to salsa; from Tin Pan Alley to Memphis funk grooves; from the urbane jazz of Cole Porter to the blues-based rhythms of Chuck Berry and Leiber & Stoller. Now retro swing, the rockabilly revival and a world-wide explosion of Latin music have put jitterbug, lindy hop, cha cha, rhumba and samba back on the dance floor. And that`s where the Jive Bombers come in. At a Jive Bombers gig, the audience puts on as much of a show as the band.

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