John Leigh Calder

John Leigh Calder

From the CD "Steyne Alive"

"The John Leigh Calder Band" is a group of talented Sydney musicians playing their own music which incorporates influences of Jazz/Blues and early Soul, with a distinctive feel and a very entertaining delivery. John Leigh Calder (bass, lead vocals) who conceived the group in 1993, started playing music in the early 1960`s in New Zealand and is a songwriter, singer and musician of a unique style which incorporates the above influences and more. John toured New Zealand as a young teenager playing with his own band then moved to the UK in the early 1970`s and by 1979 had attained Record of the Week on BBC 1 nationwide, creating major touring and Radio/TV work for the next five years.

Since then John has been back in Sydney and performing with some of Australia`s most talented musicians. David Glyde (saxophone, backing vocals) has had a very colourful career backing such notable artists as Billy Preston, Little Richard and also playing on the acclaimed Beatles album "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club". Dave was lead saxophonist with the English 60`s band Sounds Incorporated and regularly toured America. Not only his musical abilities but also his showmanship is well known both locally and internationally. David also appears with the Australian renowned Warren Daly Big Band. Hamish Stuart, (drums) is at the forefront of the Australian music industry performing with a wide variety of artists such as Ray Charles, Big J. McNeely, John Cleary (UK). Hamish recently performed in London for a few months in theatre in the John Lennon Life Story. Hamish is one of the main performers of the ABC Live Starfish Jazz Radio show and is recognised as one of Australia`s leading Jazz drummers and has appeared on many albums for top recording artists.

Steve Blau (piano, hammond organ, backing vocals) collaborated with John on their recent CD "Talk To Me". He has a definite style to his music and one could say he plays the crossover point between Jazz and Blues unlike many other keyboard players in Australia. His fluency and dynamics add a big stylistic influence to the group. Last year Steve did a workshop and played with American Hammond Organ legends Jack McDuff and Joey Defrancesco in the U.S. In 1998 The John Leigh Calder Band has featured in the main Sydney Jazz and Blues Festivals, Jazz nightclubs, radio shows and toured New Zealand and will shortly be appearing at the Mackay Jazz Festival in Queensland. The band was also contracted for 1998 for the Rugby Football Super 12`s World Series to entertain before and after the games.

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