Julie Anthony

Julie Anthony

From the CD "Julie Anthony
Sings Just For You"

The term "cabaret" is not well known or defined in Australia yet it is fast becoming a respected and accepted style of entertainment. Distinct from "variety" or simply a collection of "show tunes" the concept of cabaret is being lovingly nurtured by intimate, classy venues around the country and is being popularised by visiting cabaret superstars, Barbara Cook and Michael Feinstein. The premier cabaret cenue in Australia is the Tilbury Hotel in Woolloomolloo now established for a little over ten years. Close to its 10th Anniversary one of the Australia`s most loved, respected and well known entertainers tailored an original "cabaret" show based on her now 25 years in the entertainment business and showcased it at the Tilbury for an initial week engagement followed by a sell out two week season early in 1996. That entertainer is Julie Anthony.

The critical reaction was, to sum up in one word, "surprise". No one expected Ms Anthony to display so much talent in such a simplistic and intimate location. No one expected the clever, self-effacing content of the show to surprise and entertain as much as it did. The music reviewer from Sydney Gay newspaper the Sydney Star Observer began its report by stating that to see Julie Anthony performing in her show at the Tilbury was "a miracle", "a knockout, performing radically different cabaret". The Bulletin`s Arts Editor, Diana Simmonds, began her "Icons" two page spread having seen Julie`s cabaret show with the comment "saying Julie Anthony is ordinaty is like saying Uluru is just a rock or that the Opera House is only a building" and going on to say "she is both our best-loved and least critically accepted superstar". So what was it that stopped the critics in their tracks, that brought about a new perception of this king of Australian entertainment? It was the magic of Julie`s intimate cabaret show performed at Australia`s premier cabaret venue, The Tilbury, and now the good news. That incredible performance was captured live and released via PolyGram.

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