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If you're a fan of music, a real fan, you'd probably subscribe to the notion that there's singing, and then there's singing . The former is something that translates reasonably well from shower to stage; with enough natural flair and style it can serve any front person proud. The latter is something so much more intangible, more a secret, extra emotion than a talent.

Katie Noonan has the kind of voice grown men weep for, the kind of voice that seems to come directly from her heart rather than her lungs. She has topped both the pop and jazz charts, blown away opera fanatics, performed alongside countless luminaries of myriad fields, and backs it all up by being an incredible songwriter, producer and keyboardist in her own right.

As co-lead singer of critically acclaimed Brisbane band george , Katie first found public favour when their debut, double platinum album Polyserena made its grand arrival at the very top of the ARIA charts and earned them the Best New Artist ARIA Award (followed nicely by the gold-selling second top ten album, Unity ).

Not content to develop a little box to reside in, Katie effortlessly continued the trend with her accomplished jazz trio Elixir, debuting at number 24 in the ARIA charts and staying in the top 30 for five weeks in 2003. When was the last time you heard a jazz record in the top 30?

Katie has performed to sell out crowds in front of the Sydney Symphony, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Adelaide Symphony, West Australian Symphony and Queensland Orchestras. She has gracefully accompanied Oscar winning composer Howard Shore, Australian jazz alumni Paul Grabowsky, and even her renowned soprano mother, Maggie Noonan, with their opera/jazz project, Two of a Kind .

Katie's 2005 album - a jazz gem with Paul Grabowsky called Before Time Could Change Us leapt straight into the top of the jazz charts and scored Katie her second ARIA award . Her Two of a Kind project with mother Maggie was also one of the highest selling classical releases of 2004/2005..

Katie's recent solo album Skin heralded an exciting new chapter in her creative output and officially went Gold early 2008, after debuting at #1 on the National Australian Artist ARIA Charts. These recent success have taken her combined album sales to well over 380,000!

In 2008, Katie's future plans include recording a jazz album in New York in September - with jazz legend Joe Lovano - and also recording her second solo album with her new Australian quartet.

Her early 2008 ‘Sublime” tour – collaborating with Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra saw Katie singing to sold out audiences around Australian to rave reviews….

"Noonan's soaring, beautifully phrased high notes, ultra-musical communication of meaning and expressive use of the microphone and digitial technologies were stunning." - Gillian Wills, The Australian (7 March 2008)

Reviewer Murray Black put it succinctly during a reflection on Katie's 2004 guest appearance at the Lord Of The Rings Symphony: “The undoubted highlight of the evening was guest vocalist Katie Noonan. Here is a rare talent with a voice of extraordinary beauty and versatility. In most of her solos, she sounded like a classical soprano as she soared over the orchestra with a spine-tingling, vibrato-less angelic purity. Then, in Gollum's Song and the Oscar winning Into the West, she revealed her pop diva credentials with her strong, clear voice projecting effortlessly out in the audience

If you're a fan of singing rather than just singing, you'd best become acquainted with the awe-inspiring Katie Noonan. It sure beats the shower renditions!

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