Lee Gunness

Lee Gunness

From the CD
"The Eclipse Alley Heavenly Seven"

Hailing from Sydney, and with a repertoire that spans traditional jazz, gospel, blues, R&B and mainstream jazz, rave reviews have seen her being compared with likes of some of the world's greatest female vocalists including Bessie Smith, Mahalia Jackson. Jazz Beat magazine has also ranked Lee along with Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney and Peggy Lee. Lee appears regularly at major Australian jazz Festivals and included in the highlights of her career have been opening the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival, performances in Japan, and recording two CDs in New Orleans where she has performed on two separate occasions.

Her two CDs - Lee Gunness Sings the Blues with Hal Smith's Creole Sunshine Band and Lee Gunness and the Eclipse Alley Heavenly Seven - are both top sellers Lee was described by George H Buck of the GHB Jazz Foundation in New Orleans as " one of the very finest contemporary blues singers in the jazz field in the entire world. " The former US Ambassador to Australia, Edward J Perkins, has said," If I hadn't know better I would have said it was Mahalia Jackson up there singing." A typical audience reaction to Lee is surprise (people don't expect her to have such a deep 'black' voice), followed by overwhelming applause. In 1998 Lee joined Lillian Boutte for the first time to conduct gospel workshops in Switzerland and England, and last year she and Lillian conducted the inaugural Gospel Workshop at the 1999 Bartercard Glenelg Jazz Festival.

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