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Ever dreamed of having your very own cocktail lounge, in the privacy of your living quarters? Along with the obligatory wet bar, it’d ideally incorporate the ultimate jukebox crammed with the coolest, classiest instant cocktail classics of soul, jazz, funk, Latin and – of course – Lounge.

Now imagine that jukebox could itself be crammed into just one CD: its name is Cool Threads, by D'Abruzzo, the latest, and last, word on Lounge. In fact, D'Abruzzo heralds the dawning of what could be called the Brave New Lounge. D'Abruzzo is Sydney-based singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Maurice D’Abruzzo, ably assisted on Cool Threads by German gypsy guitarist extraordinaire Lulo Reinhardt, grand-nephew of jazz legend Django.

D'Abruzzo has fashioned Cool Threads from an entirely new fabric, albeit a mosaic of timelessly exotic elements interweaving classic funk, pop, rock and soul with Latin jazz, World and, yes, Brave New Lounge. Cool Threads is the CD you reach for to scratch the itch that no one particular genre can reach. Composed of entirely original material, it’s written, arranged, produced, sung and largely played by Maurice, with key contributions from brother Tony (drums) and son Aaron (bass, percussion and backing vocals), plus German saxophonist/flautist Helmut Wolf. If Cool Threads were a cocktail, it’d probably be one called Rocket Fuel: just the thing to launch a party, soirée or, just quietly, that special private assignation. It’s what you put on when only the best will do, and it’s set to take off in 2005.

Maurice D'Abruzzo spent his early professional years in pop/rock bands such as Eighty Eights & Getaway Plane, although his musical background is predominantly funk, jazz, latin, & lounge. In the nineties, he wrote soundtracks, including two songs for the feature film Exchange Lifeguards starring Elliott Gould, Julian McMahon & Christopher Aitken; as well as the full score for the award winning documentary The Amazing World Of Minibeasts, presented by Densey Kline & filmed by legendary lens man Jim Frazier.

Lulo Reinhardt is the grand-nephew of the legendary gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. Lulo lives in Germany where he has worked with musicians as diverse as I Gitanos & Toto. On sax & flutes is Hellmut Wolf, another German guy...his own single was recently played on JJJ & his video on Rage.

Tony D'Abruzzo is the drummer on the Cool Threads album - his funk credentials go back to his teen years, when he toured nationally with the likes of Production Line & Eight Day Clock. Aaron Dane D'Abruzzo is the current teen retro dude! He promises to be a highly talented vocalist & bassist - & will no doubt feature heavily on the next D'Abruzzo project!

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