Mic Conway's National Junk Band

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Expect the unexpected! These "virtuosos of the bizarre" create a live stage experience that must be seen and heard to be believed. Wielding National guitars, ukuleles, a sousaphone, a phono-fiddle, actual garbage cans and metal sinks, these rhythmagicians make venues rock. The music and antics of the National Junk Band defies catagorisation. Is this post-millenium cabaret or new vaudeville? No, it's the National Junk Band!

The fans have described them as : "the Sex Pistols meets Bing Crosby", "bluesy with a touch of Monty Python", "extreme entertainment", "layer upon layer of insanity, lunacy, anarchy". Witness fire, illusion, passion, irreverent satire, singing saws, flying chooks and musical mayhem. For four years the National Junk Band has had toes tapping and jaws dropping at festivals, pubs, joints, radio, and TV.

With two death-defying albums to their credit, and the music to "Badcop Badcop" (ABC TV) in the can, they are about to kick over another with their latest CD "Tin Can Alley". A quantum leap of style and musicianship for the quirkiest band in the land who even performed for the Pope (Pope Alice's "Pacifica" at the MCA). What next - church music for atheists?

"These guys have everything - including the kitchen sink". Inside Melbourne

"Aural extravaganza. You enter into the spirit, which is pure fun. Everything is delivered with tongue lovingly pressed into cheek ... in a lovely self-deprecating style on the unlikeliest of instruments ... the scary thing is, it all sounds perfectly musical. These alley cats can actually play. What more could you want? Go on, you know you want to". Michael Smith, Drum Media 28/1/03

"This show is a hilarious revelation - you never know what you're going to get from one song to the next". Sarah Thomas, Adelaide Advertiser

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