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The Old Spice Boys are a comic swing trio. They play unusual, minimal instruments with virtuosity, charm and wit. From Byron Bay, 800 kilometres north of Sydney on the North Coast of New South Wales, they are big favourites at jazz, folk, blues and comedy festivals throughout Australia. Using just a ukulele, a tea-chest (one-string) bass and a solitary snare drum The Old Spice Boys stroll fearlessly through an extraordinary repertoire of their own hilarious songs alongside most unlikely interpretations of tunes by artists from Miles Davis to Ian Dury, from Prince to Bill Haley to John Coltrane.

The Old Spice Boys have been the audience favourites at a range of events including folk festivals, product launches, gallery openings, many a corner pub, family concerts, blues nights, outdoor celebrations,jazz clubs, weddings, wakes and whatever else needs a warm and witty trio of wonderful musicians dedicated to having fun and making great music at exactly the same time.

"As with all the best musical wits, underpinning the hilarity is expert musicianship. Bell, both a virtuoso and highly imaginative improviser, wrests some glorious sounds from his ukulele. Milroy has surprisingly accurate intonation and even thrummed a pretty solo on Misty. Reeves conjured a variety of textures, dynamics and feels while clowning about."
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, November 2001

"We can all be accused of taking music too seriously - but not The Old Spice Boys. This deliciously entertaining trio from Byron Bay create fun and inspire admiration with music that's fresh, spare and centred around finely crafted tunes, inspiring arrangements and the ukulele".
Steve Baker, Rhythms Magazine

"Aussie Azo Bell is one of the best uke players of the new-uke generation. Along with band mates Billy Milroy on single string bass and Tim Reeves on snare drum, Azo shows off some amazing single note picking and strumming that are one part vaudeville, and one part modern jazz. Includes many standards Rag Mop, Foggy Day In London Town, Misty, and a slew of originals including the instant uke classic Spider Walk. Serious chops mixed with a wicked sense of humor."
Review of 'Lost In Spice' CD - Jim Beloff, Flea Market Music, California.

"In a sea of mediocrity it's nice to watch a uniquely fresh-sounding band like The Old Spice Boys rise to the surface. They never fail to entertain an audience no matter how diverse."
Keven Oxford Founder/Producer East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival

"Armed with outrageously minimal instrumentation, The Old Spice Boys get more music, more laughs and more style from a ukulele, a tea-chest bass and a solitary snare drum than most bands get from a truckload of instruments and equipment." Newcastle Herald, June 2001

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