Pardon Me Boys

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PERFORMING A STYLISH AND AMUSING tribute to the great swing artists and the musical theatre of the 20s, 30s and 40s, Pardon Me Boys have long assured their position as one of Australia's most successful and sought-after cabaret acts. Their close harmonies, witty dance routines and impeccable musicianship have kept them constantly in demand both as a classy cabaret act and as an uproarious dance band, irresistable to young and old alike, while their versality and stagecraft means they can enthrall both sophisticated nightclub audiences and major corporate functions.

A Pardon Me Boys performance line-up can be as large or as small as a client requires, according to budget, theme and venue, whilst their actual performance can be tailored precisely to clients' wishes, an aspect which makes the group - as well as each performance - unique. In the decade since their inception Pardon Me Boys have created over seven complete shows dedicated to various aspects of the Swing era. These have included a Latin show devoted to the great South American dance crazes - the tango, cha-cha, rhumba, Mambo and Samba - a Cotton Club show, based on Fats Waller and the glories of the Harlem Renaissance, a boogie-woogie show, featuring the hits of the boogie greats like the Andrews Sisters and Louis Jordan, a tap show, a Strictly Ballroom show (lessons included), a Christmas show, and a show entitled Step Back in Time featuring disco hits played in the big band style and sung in three part harmony. As a result of this research the group has an enormous library of arrangements, as well as original choreographic routines to suit all styles. These arrangements can be adapted to any size backing band, from a single pianist to full orchestra.

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