Psycho Zydeco

Psycho Zydeco

From the CD "Swamp Box"

Psycho Zydeco or the Psychos as their fans affectionately dub them, have established themselves as one of the country's premier roots act who specialise in the high-energy, uplifting style of music known as zydeco. This music was originally formed in the swamplands and bayou area in Louisiana's deep south. Drawing from all corners of the zydeco kingdom, Psycho Zydeco have created their own distinctive Australian style. Driving washboard and funky, powerful drums underpin skittering, bluesy accordion melodies that weave together music designed for dancing.

Psycho Zydeco's fast paced blend of bluesy grooves, metal percussion and general craziness propels people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Flying stainless steel washboard, industrial sized Cajun triangle, screaming sax and guitar team up with the pumping squeezebox to create a compelling onstage spectacle. The heady mix of traditional Cajun, modern zydeco, blues and funk conjures an atmosphere of festivity.

With performances at every major music festival nation-wide, TV and radio appearances and two tours of the UK and Europe, Sydney based Psycho Zydeco are one of the most successful touring 'blues/roots' acts in Australia. Their first two recordings, Swamp Box and Sell Your Soul, were favourably received by fans and critics alike. Songs from both CD's can be heard regularly on ABC Radio, community stations, and Triple J. Psycho Zydeco are also included on compilations released by Hemispheres Festival (EMI), Coast FM (ABC Qld) and the Woodford Folk Festival.

Psycho Zydeco continue exploring this music on their new CD Zydeco Factory which is an all original recording, and like their other releases, a diverse and potent melding of styles. From Cajun instrumentals to steaming country grunge and rollicking zydeco funk, this release is an eclectic, spicy gumbo of original music. The release of the new CD will be immediately supported by an extensive Australian tour.

The originality of the Psycho Zydeco sound stems from the talent and diverse backgrounds of its four members:

Accordionist Stefan Sernek was trained in his instrument from an early age but was instantly converted to the wild sounds of zydeco after being passed a tape of Buckwheat Zydeco in 1990. An important part of the band's unique sound is Stefan's mind boggling ability to play bass with his left hand while singing and playing the keyboard side of the squeezebox!

The frottoir (Creole for washboard) is a vital part of Psycho Zydeco and it is this instrument that Gregg Hatton came to master soon after hearing the zydeco sound. Also a talented guitarist and singer, Gregg has developed a stunningly original approach to playing the frottoir, that helps give the band its distinctive sound.

Gene Gill is an accomplished drummer and percussionist who has played and recorded with an eclectic mix of different artists. His direct, powerful style gives Psycho Zydeco an explosive edge that is also balanced by a wide dynamic control.

Multi-instrumentalist Chris Wilson specialised on sax but also doubles on washboard, vocals and guitar. As well as lead singing the occasional song, his snaking bluesy lines entwine and weave around the zydeco machine.

Extending from this combination of musicians is a band who create a sound that is rich in spirit, infused with daring and most importantly a lot of fun. Combining the traditional with the modern while casually brewing a mix of genres, Psycho Zydeco are a unique and exciting band who simply love to play.

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