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IN THE 70's, Renee rose to national prominence with a clutch of hit singles and albums that found her music flowing gracefully between pop, rock, soul and blues., Renee serenaded the charts with a string of songs including "It's A Man's Man's World", "Stares & Whispers" and "Heading In The Right Direction".

The hits continued into the "80"s with the memorable "Say I Love You" which was recorded in the US as part of the "So Lucky" album. In the mid "80's Renee settled in America where she began writing, and broadening her musical base to include R&B, jazz, country and Latin rhythms. In 1988 Renee form a group with legendary funkster Hamish Stuart of Average White Band fame, recording an album for release in America. She also toured and recorded with everyone from Chaka Khan, Buddy Guy and Sting through to Joe Cocker, Julio Inglesias and Neil Diamond. Occasionally Renee nipped back to the Land Of Oz where she was still in demand, working with revered artists such as Paul Kelly.

At the same time a new generation is discovering the raw groove of Renee's earlier work. With the energetic dance scene inventing new genres every day, DJ's searched feverishly for new inspirations. Renee Geyer was soon finding her way into the sets of a new groove scene: drum 'n' bassheads, trip hoppers, house fanatics and super funkers were scouring record stores for Renee rarities (and the prices began to soar). Acid Jazz head honcho Eddie Pillar gave her work the thumbs up as did Oss, resident DJ at London's Blue Note.

A return to Australia found Renee more in demand than ever before. DJ Paul Maine was the first to expose her ever-improving vocals to the 90's dance set. A wild house collaboration found its way to the very hot Strictly Rhythm label in New York, and onto the decks of America's leading DJ's (recently dropped into the club set of Washington's Deep Dish while touring Australia).

Renee's music and the ability she has as a singer has grown and evolved by experimenting with many different styles. She has continued to push the envelope during her career, but the one thing that remains constant is the high calibre of musicians that Renee has worked with both here and overseas. The reason for this unusually tight bond with most musicians is her spontaneous and fresh approach to material, old and new, which then encourages musicians to stretch themselves as well.

One of the biggest challenges with a singer who has had such a prolific career is deciding which songs warrant being included in a compilation entitled the "Best Of". The decision to omit certain tracks was by no means an easy one, and the tracks included were narrowed down by way of representing Renee as a vocalist and her growth as a singer. The songs chosen were those that represent the transformation and development through the years. A vocal journey of Renee Geyer.

Renee has always had major respect from her peers in the industry, and on 'Sweet Life' she works closely with a high calibre of musicians including Mark Kennedy, Harry Brus, Paul Berton, Paul Gray, Spencer P. Jones, Peter Luscome, Shane O'Mara, Ross Hannaford and many more. Joe Camilleri & Paul Kelly produced the album, which includes tracks written by Paul Kelly, Peter Milton Walsh, John Clifforth, Kenneth Crouch and Renee Geyer.

"Sweet Life" tracks include "You Broke A Beautiful Thing", an achingly beautiful song penned by Paul Kelly that will surely become a signature tune for Renee, and a stunning version of the Motown hit "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me", with Renee and local heroes CDB teaming up together in what will become an all-time classic collaboration.

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