Rick Price

Rick Price

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"Walk Away Renee"

When it comes to discussing the career of Rock, the term "overnight sensation" seems a little inappropriate. Rick has been working at his craft for well over a decade, after all. But for all that Rick did make a truly spectacular arrival in 1992. In the space of less than twelve months, he went from relative obscurity to become one of the biggest names in Australian music. He dominated the upper reaches of the Australian charts from most of the year - and he also made a high-profile debut in several overseas territiories. Forget about the "overnight" bit; let`s just say that Rick had a sensational year. It began back in February with the release of his debut single "Not A Day Goes By". By April, it was a Top 5 smash hit - and so was the single which followed in its footsteps, the beautiful ballad "Heaven Knows".

By the time Rick finally released his debut album (also titled "Heaven Knows") in July, Australia had clearly fallen for the singer`s brilliantly-crafted music. The album entered the charts an No. 3, and stayed in the Top 40 for the remainder of the year. After a month-long Australian tour in August, Rick set about conquering the rest of the world. With "Heaven Knows" released in no less that 23 international markets, Rick`s work was cut out for him; literally hundreds and hundreds of TV appearances, press interviews and in-store appearances thoughout Europe and Asia. In one 36-hour stopover in Manila, for example, Rick managed to squeeze in six TV appearances, two radio interviews and a handful of press as well. It was a sustained and virtually unprecedented public relations blitz that saw Rick make three separate trips to Europe in the space of six months (as well as several side-trips to Asia).

In the process, Rick got results that most Australian acts only dream of. In Malaysia, "Heaven Knows" held the top spot for four consecutive weeks while "Not A Day Goes By" sat just behind it in the Top 5. In The Philippines, "Heaven Knows" sat at No. 1 for all of November and December - and also made strong chart showings in Indonesia and other Asian markets. The album charted strongly in Norway and Switzerland while in Germany, "Walk Away Renee" is a Top 40 hit and still climbing. Rick closed 1992 on another high note when he won the APRA award for Song Of The Year ("Heaven Knows"). He began 1993 with a whole range of new possibilities; with much of Asia now conquered, he now looked forward to reaping futher rewards in Europe. In February that year the "Heaven Knows" album was be released in Canada, followed by the USA in April.

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