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Ross Maio's love for the accordion began at the age of 10. By the age of sixteen, already armed with a wide repertoire, Ross was playing regularly at a popular Sydney restaurant. His numerous television appearances range from children's shows through to TCN Midday Shows and the SBS International Cabaret.

His career has kept him constantly on the move, captivating audiences not only in the Australian club circuit, but also in leading hotels in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, New Caledonia and Mauritius. A highlight of his career has been working on Cunard Line's QE2, Sagafjord, Princess Cruises in the Mediterranean and the five star Japanese cruise ship Asuka.

Ross has performed for the Variety Club's Royal Command Performance and the Opera House in the present of royal guests Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. In 1996 Ross toured Australia and New Zealand supporting the famous Scottish tenor Kenneth McKellar.

His talent and ability have enabled him to embrace a wide range of musical styles, his repertoire is equally as wide, and he's no stranger to the changing face of technology in music. He skillfully incorporates the traditional acoustic accordion with synthesised accordion and the latest in the midi electronic sound modules.

Ross's undoubted natural talents present him as an entertainer of the highest calibre. He has that rare feel for show business. Ross Maio is a chameleon, a performer with the innate ability to change the mood of his audience. One minute he will take your breath away with his flashing virtuosity on the piano accordion just before you find yourself drowning in tears of laughter at his zany antics.

Switch from Minstrel to Court Jester - Ross Maio is them all! He is a showman in the true sense of the word. Being totally self-contained, Ross can work in any place, any time and anywhere in the world. Or, if you prefer, he can bring the world to you with a musical excursion through Greece, France, Russia, Spain, Germany, or even his native Italy.

Dame Margot Fonteyn once said, "Great artists are people who find a way to be themselves in their art". Ross Maio is a great artist. Catch him in the act.

Credits: WINNER OF THE AUSTRALIAN CLUB ENTERTAINMENT AWARD 1998 INSTRUMENTALIST OF THE YEAR Winner of the 20th MO AWARD for Best Variety Instrumentalist, awarded in1995 (first solo Accordionist to win this award). Nominated consistently for the Best Variety Instrumentalist since 1986. Accordion tuition by Enzo Toppano and Piano coaching with Isador Goodman.

Television: 1997 Performance on The Midday Show with Maria Venuti. 1996 July The Midday Show with combined International Accordion Orchestra. 1996 Today Show Channel 9, feature story on Accordion Extravaganza Night at the Marconi Club. Featuring 25 piece Accordion Orchestra plus special guest artist from Italy , reporter : Tony Biancotti. SBS Cabaret Series, with Tommy Tycho and Orchestra.

Commercials: (Audio ) She Magazine, Raguletto, and McDonalds. (Visual and audio) - Pizza Hut (Visual) - AMI Insurance Radio: RETE ITALIA, interviews and song promoting "The Squeezer" CD. ABC Radio National, interview with Louise Adler featuring the novel by Anne Proulx: "Accordion Crimes".

Movies: "The Hijacking Of the Achille Lauro". During the filming of the Achille Lauro, Karl Malden saved his life. It happened when three mean looking characters pounding into Ross were startled by Karl Malden who appeared out of no where and yelled out: "Okay boys, that's enough , he's learned his lesson".

Live: Featured soloist at Opera House Concerts with Tommy Tycho and David Gray. Royal Command Performance for the Prince and Princess of Kent. Theme events for: Coca Cola, Toyota, McDonalds and Mercedes Benz, The International Convention of Undertakers, The Gamblers International Convention.

Tours: 1995 Performed and adjudicated at the New Zealand Federation of Accordionists' National Competitions in Christchurch. 1996 Performed and adjudicated at the NZFOA National Comps Auckland. 1996 Tour of Victoria, NSW, QLD and New Zealand, supporting the internationally renowned Scottish tenor , Kenneth Mckellar. Produced: That's Amore Bavarian Kabaret Fest. Music Of the World. Overseas: Hong Kong - Sheraton Hotel Singapore - Hilton and Shangri La Hotels Arabian Emirates - Dubai Sheraton Hotel. Also Tahiti, Mauritius, New Guinea and New Caledonia. Cruises: 1992 Cunard Lines - QE2 and Sagafjord, P & O Cruises, CTC Cruises. 1998 &1999 Princess Cruises (The Love Boat) Island Princess,Sky Princess&Pacific Princess. 2000 Norwegian Star. 2002 Sagarose and Japanese Cruise Ship Asuka.

Charities: Amnesty International, Handicapped Children, Victor Chang Foundation, Rotary Conventions, Little Sisters of the Poor, The Red Cross And Variety Club.

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