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There is no forgetting a Son Veneno performance! Combining 11 highly skilled musicians, Son Veneno is far greater than the sum of its musical parts. The mix of these musicians, a stage, some lights and an audience creates an unforgettable experience of raw energy and outstanding musicianship - beautifully orchestrated chaos.

It would be easy to mistake the name and categorise Son Veneno as merely another "Latin" band. Of course, those who have seen them in action know Son Veneno is so much more:

"Young, energetic, entertaining and tight, Son Veneno successfully fuse salsa cubana, funk, jazz, rap, reggae and pop styles in a way not heard here before. Son Veneno's original compositions will push the boundaries of Latin music in Australia" - Cubanismimo Radio

Son Veneno draw from diverse musical influences in their compositions and the formulation of their repertoire. Among the musical styles that inspire them are Salsa (and its Cuban cousin Timba), Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, Drum & Bass and, not least, Jazz. Indeed, the diversity in influences is born out of a diversity of heritages, a symptom of calling Sydney home.

Son Veneno bring together three world class singers, a hot four piece rhythm section and a tight four piece brass section. They perform a compelling mix of traditional and fused Latin and non-Latin music, all designed to get you on your feet and moving. This is not (unlike most other Latin bands) a band only for the Salsa purist - Son Veneno's varied repertoire ensures that the Latin music novice is just as driven to the dance floor as the committed "salseros".

The band enjoys a strong reputation on the Sydney live music scene, which has won them performances on many distinguished stages. These include the Basement (2000), the Metro (2001), the Harbourside Brasserie (2000 and 2001), Stadium Australia (2000 and 2001), Darling Harbour (2001), several Bacardi Festivals, the Bondi Latin-American Festival (2001) as well as regular performances at BJ's nightclub and Latin Nights at the Marconi Club.

The energy, diversity and (most of all) musical ability of these eleven musicians make them a unique proposition and an entertaining phenomenon not to be missed.

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