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The Hands are certainly one of the best live acts to come on to the scene in a very long time. Combining the talents of brothers Clayton & Lachlan Doley on keyboards, where you have Clayton on Hammond organ and Lachlan on the Hohner clavinet, these young guys are redefining keyboard playing as we know it.

These days the modern pop quartet is one dominated by guitars. There's the occasional keyboard but a band that features only bass guitar and drums, an old style Hammond organ and a Hohner D6 Clavinet is definitely the exception. When "duelling" keyboards are played by brothers Clayton and Lachlan Doley then it goes without saying that this band is unique. It's the Hands and their all original repertoire is designed to reinvent the genre of "Soul Music" in the modern context.

Their debut release “live and breathe” was received to critical acclaim and features guest vocalists Jade MacRae, Kara Grainger and Mahalia Barnes whose careers have sky rocketed since. They have developed a roots inspired sound with energy and sophistication that when combined with their catchy songs makes them instantly recognizable.

The brothers Clayton and Lachlan started playing together on the family piano as children in their hometown of Adelaide and soon were working as professional musicians while still at school. Clayton moved to Sydney and joined the legendary Mighty Reapers all by the time he was 18. He also began playing with Jackie Orszaczky when he was only 18 and he continued to play with him for the next 10 years. Clayton also went on to play and record with Renee Geyer, Billy Thorpe, Kasey Chambers, The Whitlams and many other major acts in Australia before moving to New York. Lachlan then, having moved to Sydney began playing with the Mighty Reapers and started to make his own way up very quickly. Likewise playing and recording with Powderfinger, Jimmy Barnes, Billy Thorpe and others.

Armed with many new songs, Clayton returned from New York and the brothers decided to form their own band. As a consequence, The Hands launched on to the Sydney scene in 2003 and have consistently built a reputation as a ‘must see’ live act as they work their way around Australia.

It has been 4 years since the release of the first Hands album and the brothers have been busy. Clayton has most recently been touring as the keyboard player for the Divinyls. He is one of Sydney’s most in demand session players and has also built up a reputation as a songwriter, having written tracks that are on albums by artists such as The Whitlams and Jade MacRae as well as many others. Clayton also spent part of 2007 as the musical director of the house band for Paul McDermott’s The Sideshow on ABC, which The Hands also appeared on. He has been playing with artists such as Jon Stevens, Jade MacRae, Guy Sebastian, Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges (USA), Richard Clapton as well as many more and played with Silverchair at the 2006 ARIA’s in their tribute to Midnight Oil.

Lachlan won the Hip Hop artist of the year in 2005 MUSICOZ as his alter ego Lucky Dollar for his collaboration with Good Buddha. He has most recently been playing keyboards for Powderfinger on the Across the Great Divide tour and travelled around Australia and Europe with them throughout 2007. He has also toured and played with The Beautiful Girls, Jimmy Barnes, Mahalia Barnes and many more.

The brothers have once again joined forces to record their second studio album which will launch on April 24th @ The Basement 2008.

“The next time The Hands are playing locally, I’m over there in a New York minute – they’re that good!”
Rhythms Magazine

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