Armandito y Su Tovason

Armandito y Su Tovason


Armando Garcia Perez, aka Armandito, was born in San Luis, a small town in the Province of Santiago de Cuba , where the great Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer was born. He started his professional career with the Orquesta Los Tainos with whom he travelled around Cuba playing in carnivals and cabarets in different cities. Later he became the Musical Director of Los Tainos. In 1996 with Sonora La Calle as a trumpeter and musical director, Armandito started his international career travelling extensively to England, Scotland, France, Australia and New Zealand. He had the opportunity to play in such well known venues such as Ronny Scott's in London, the New Morning in Paris, Star City Casino in Sydney, The Crown Casino in Melbourne, and the Entertainment Centre in Auckland.

With his band Sonora la Calle Armandito had the privilege of sharing the stage with greats of international musicians like Compay Segundo and Eliades Ochoa from Buena Vista Social Club and top American jazz trumpet players, Wynton Marsalis.

He first came to Australia in June 2002 as a Musical Director of the International Cuban show Lady Salsa. Currently he is a music teacher in the Department of Contemporary Performance in the Australian Institute of Music, in the category of Afrocuban Ensemble.  He is also a piano teacher at the Academy of Networking Thinking in Music. In addition to that, he is the musical director of his own band "Armandito y su Trovason".

Armandito y su Trovason - traditional 7 piece Latin band

On stage, the band is characterised by a high energy, distinctively Cuban sound that blends traditional Cuban music with gifted improvisation. They spontaneously adapt the music to the audience which makes it impossible not to become involved. The addition of sophisticated vocal harmonies and dynamics creates a truly distinctive, fresh and exuberant sound. Armandito y su Trovason have a hugely popular residency on Thursday nights at La Cita at Sydney's King Street Wharf, where they have a massive following of salsa dancers and Latin music lovers.

The band's repertoire includes all the popular Latin rhythms of Cuba , ranging from traditional to modern styles, like Son, Rumba, Conga, ChaChaCha, Bolero, Mambo and Salsa. The band members:

Martin Taylor: Bass and chorus
Juan Carlos Rios: Guitar and vocals
Dan Wallace: Tres guitar
Emiliano Vergara: Bongos and chorus
Giorgio Rojas: Congas
Adrian Hearn: Bata drums and chorus
Armando Garcia: Trumpet, vocals and musical director

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