Billy Field

Billy Field

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Over the years Billy "Mr. Bad Habits" Field has carved out a niche in Australia's diverse field of music, firmly establishing himself as one of the country's most outstanding performers. Whether he's at the piano, or creating timeless tunes, Billy is consistently hitting high notes and wowing his audiences wherever he and the Bad Habits Band play. Since Billy first came to the fore with the hit record "Bad Habits", he has continually drawn upon his varied experiences to produce his own inimitable style of music. That music combines strong flavours of Jazz and Rhythm and Blues. His latest album, "Western Light" - his fifth to date - draws heavily on Billy's past.

After several years working on a Riverina station in his late teens and early 20`s, Billy moved to Sydney, and needless to say he has never looked back. Billy rocketed to stardom with "Bad Habits" which went "platinum" and contained two singles which reached number one on the charts. Bad Habits was followed by "Try Biology", which went "gold" within weeks of its release. A third album, "Say Yes", featured the entire string section of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

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